A professional contractor

Stangeland Maskin is proud to have some of the best machinery and equipment available in the Norwegian market. We are also proud to have a strong financial backbone. Still, our most important resource is our over 700 dedicated employees, who make a strong, committed and professional effort every day. Our employees, as well as our customers, makes us most proud. In addition, our customers and employees make it natural for us to aim high, our vision is to be: Leading.

Civil Construction Services
Civil Construction Services
Landscaping Services
Surveying Services
Surveying Services
Rock Excavation Services
Demolition Services
Tip and Quarry
Tip and Quarry
Equipment Rental
Equipment Rental


We are ready to talk to you about  the services we can offer. Contact us today, we enjoy challenges!


Eivind Stranden

Contact me for a quote on e-mail or telephone 93015527


Jan Erik Ånestad

Contact me about construction services.


Kjell Arild Egeland

Contact me about machines and trucks.

Åsmund Bjerga

Åsmund Bjerga

Contact me about blasting and drilling.

Geir Åge Liland

Geir Åge Liland

Contact me about landscape services.


Svenn Rune Systad

Contact me about surveying.


Jørgen Evjen

Contact me about demolition services.


Stian Byberg

Contact me about quarries.

A versatile contractor

Stangeland Maskin has qualifications and references from a variety of complex projects.

TS Museet

Our museum at Tjelta in Sola has a unique collection of vintage vehicles.